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Pete Gray's Portfolio!

Hi, and welcome to my portfolio on line. I will present here some of my own personal recreational java applets, VRML worlds, as well as assorted images I have produced. I hope you are here because you want to get me to do some cool java stuff for you, and I want to convince you of my programming skills as well as my visual skills. Enjoy!

Pete's Java Applets *

Asteroids clone game. A fast-action version of the classic arcade game. (Mar 2000)

Hexadecimal Colour Value Calculator. This easy to use applet lets you select foreground and background colours to suit your tastes, and tells you their hexadecimal values. (Jan '98)

Functions in 3-Space 3D graph applet. Renders dozens of 3-dimesional equations in a clear, conscise, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing manner. Math-illiterate people can use this applet to turn gobbledegook into a pretty picture. An extension my stereoscopic wireframe applet (see below), with added functionality. (Dec '97)

3D Fractal generator and displayer. Lets you control parameters such as base polyhedron, recursion level, and spacing. This is built upon my stereoscopic wireframe applet (see next item), with added functionality. (Nov '97)

WireFrame applet, you can rotate a wireframe with your mouse button, similar to a VRML viewer, but much, much more simple. The applet renders a helix, a whiskey barrel, a ViewMaster, or a variety of spheres. (Oct '97) Also in a stereoscopic format, if you have 3D glasses. (Nov '97)

My first 3-D engine, a simple rotationg cube with shading from a single light source. This involved all sorts of cool math. (Aug '97)

My digital magnifying glass, which is very cool to look at, and play with, and was a scream to write (I did the filter and everything), but is utterly useless. Check it out! (Jul '97)

The visual chain roller is exciting and very visual and only requires 11K worth of downloading, less than a decent picture of the same size. (Jul '97)

Phase-of-the-Moon Clock, that probably does more than you think a phase of the moon clock would. And you can have it. (Jun '97)

A protoype of my Tarot reading applet shows lots of neat graphics, but does no actual fortune telling (yet) (Jun '97)

"The Spokulator" , my wheel building program. It is useful for bicycle mechanics, or anyone else who is wishing to build a bicycle wheel and does not know what length of spokes to use. A very cute user interface, which I designed and programmed myself. (Apr '97)

VRML 1.0 worlds **

Some Inukshuks. The largest inukshuk in this world occupies one billion times as much virtual volume as the teensy tinyest inukshuk. Can you find the little one? He's right where you would expect him. (Sept '97)

VRML 2.0 "Moving Worlds" ***

This is a playground , where you can actually ride on a seesaw or sit with an invisible lunatic on a park bench. (Sept '97)

The Human Rollercoaster of Death. This is a scale model of the track used in the infamous AlleyCat Scramble courier-oriented bicycle races, sponsored by Dunhill. For those of you with slow machines who want to RACE around the track, try this one. Or this very minimal one. (Oct '97)

More modern versions of these worlds can be found at

Some C00L Images

This is the Cosmic TreadMuffin. I designed it for the Bike Ranch jerseys for the 24 hour race. I was restricted to two colours (black and white), and in this sample, the background is hot pink (so were our jerseys).

This is the PUSH logo. It adorns a great many of the bags bicycle couriers wear around Toronto and other cities. Before we got emblems made with this on them, only a very small group of us knew how many PUSH bags were constantly running around downtown.

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* You will need a java capable browser to view the applets. IExplorer3 works the best, while Netscape3 is an unreliable pig. As of this posting, the version 4's were not quite out yet, so I don't know...

** You will need a VRML 1.0 capable browser to view the worlds. Netscape3 seems to work great with the Live-3D plug-in.

*** Requires Cosmo Player from Silicon Graphics. Netscape 4's full install includes this plugin at no extra hassle.

Updated January 4, 1998