How To Get Your Web Site onto the Search Engines*

Some popular search engine and submission sites
AltaVista submit a site
excite submit a site


galaxy submit a site

tips submit a site
HOTBOT submit a site
i-Explorer submit a site
infoseek submit a site


infospace submit a site
LYCOS submit a site
MAGELLAN submit a site


Open Text submit a site
Starting Point submit a site
WebCrawler submit a site


YAHOO! submit a site

Four11 searches for e-mail addresses

Four11 submit YOU!

People can find your web site by using a search engine.

Here's how you can help them...

Let the search engine know that your site is what people are searching for.

  • Your pages must be very clear as to what they are about.

    • have a separate page for each topic
    • use simple, descriptive titles
    • use important words early and often
    • use 'meta' tags
    • use descriptive image names and alternates
    • avoid using frames (always)

  • You must submit your URL to the various search engines.

    • you can pay someone money to do this
    • you can do it yourself

To make submitting easier, I have created this list of links to some popular search engines.

The search engines themselves will tell you how!

It's a good idea to read the 'tips' (where availiable) first, so that you get a better idea of how the search engine rates documents. If you're going to go to the time and trouble of submitting your web page/pages, it's a good idea to make sure that the search engines you submit them to will give a darn.

Try to balance the needs of the different rating systems. (Follow my simple little guidelines above, and you're most of the way there!)

Submit your updates, update your submissions

Search engines are quite lazy. Unless you specifically tell them to re-evaluate your site after you've added new information, they will not, at least not for a long, long, time. (Perhaps they are more busy than lazy)

To help you pick hexadecimal colour values for your web pages, I have developed a hexadecimal Colour Value Calculator.

Updated November 27, 1997.

*PLEASE NOTE - 1997 was a LONG time ago. All the links on this webpage were dead. They have since been removed. This page was around before there was a Google - and now this page has outlived every dang thing mentioned on it. Is this perhaps the very oldest SEO page on the entire web?

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