Get a darn java enabled browser, would you?

This is my 3D wireframe applet doing a sphere.

Click and drag on the globe to rotate it!

This is the same applet as the helix is displayed in. but in this case, it is instructed to use a model of a sphere. The Sphere is generated mathematically with any number of latitude or longtitude lines, as specified in the HTML document. Flexible.

I discovered lots of good optomization tricks in getting this to run smoothly on all of the major web browsers. Netscape 3 is a chunky old pig, and is definitely the feeblest mainstream java capable browser. IExplorer 4, despite all the fuss, is by far the fastest.

Other models rendered with this wire frame applet

wireframe helix

40 points, 58 lines.

wireframe globe (this page)

220 points, 460 lines.

wireframe funky sphere

220 points, 460 lines.

wireframe swirly sphere

297 points, 300 lines.

wireframe whiskey barrel

615 points, 1040 lines.

wireframe big globe

762 points, 1560 lines.

wireframe big funky sphere

872 points, 1770 lines.

wireframe big swirly sphere

1162 points, 1200 lines.

wireframe viewMaster


If you have a pair of 3D glasses , you will enjoy the stereoscopic version of this program.

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Updated November 17, 1997.