Phase-of-the-Moon Clock.

I came up with the idea for this little applet June 20, 1997, staring up at the full moon, alone, in the middle of nowhere. This version is as of June 30.

The one on the left shows the current phase of the moon, as seen from the earth. The one on the right shows the current phase of the earth, as seen from the moon. The one in the middle is much more lively; give it a click with your mouse button. It will animate automatically through all phases!

Note that the phases of the moon displayed by this clock are not 100% accurate. The phase of the moon shown is only a mathematical approximation of the phase the moon might be in right now. The phase of the earth suffers from the same issue. It is neat thought, to see what phase the earth would be in if you were looking at it from the moon!

If you like this applet, and would like to have a copy of it for your web page, you can download it below. You can control which planet is shown, whether the clock is shown, how rapidly it goes through the phases (if at all...), what colour the background and hands are, and more, all from the safety and comfort of your HTML document. If it still sounds confusing, there is a file called README (which you can read here ) with the applet that will help you out.

Download your own Phase-of-the-Moon Clock applet!

Please feel free to use this applet in your web page. Please credit me (Pete Gray), and maybe provide a link to my page. (You're there now.)

For dos/windows, download a zip file. (13KB)

For the unix family, get the tar.gzip file. (12KB)

If you do use this applet, please send me mail informing me (just for my own amusement...)

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