Pete Gray
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hello! Welcome to my Home Page, which connects to my endeavours in a number of areas, including software, web tools, virtual worlds, bicycle events, ukulele, seniors' entertainment, steel guitar music, politics, and more.
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  • 3D Equation Graph Viewer
  • 3D Glasses Applications
  • 3D Fractals
  • 3D Constellations
  • Stereoscopic Viewmaster
  • 3D Cube

  • Web Tools
  • Hexadecimal Color Calculator
  • Objective Domain Name Appraisal Tool

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  • Asteroids clone
  • VRML 3D Human Rollercoaster of Death
  • Virtual Magnifying Lens Applet
  • AI Tarot Dealer
  •, a resource for the great undecided
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  • Bicycles
  • Spoke Length Calculator
  • Critical Mass Ride
  • European Cycle Messenger Championship

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  • Hawaiian Steel Guitar
  • Fun Music for Senior Citizens
  • Reuben Cherry
  • The Countrypolitans

  • New or Cool
  • I've doing a lot of work with gravity inc., a cutting edge design firm in Toronto, and we're updating their website.
  • I'm building a website that gives interactive ukulele lessons! I'm using houseof3d to host a construction blog while I build the Uke School.
  • Sept 2014: See that sidebar at the right, about my "old site"? That was already my old site, 10 years ago! Now this site is 10 years old, so it's one of my old sites now too. For my new website, click here.

    Violet Frances Glynn Gray May 2008: This is our lovely new daughter, Violet, sitting with some violets. She's a lovely happy girl!

    She is loved to bits (quite literally, sometimes!) by her big sister Ruby.

    She was born October 5, 2007.

    Jan 17, 2005: muskoka wedding photographer I just launched a website for Scott Young, who is an outdoor wedding photographer from beautiful Muskoka, Ontario. Scott lives in Bracebridge.

    Ruby Glynn Gray Oct 15, 2004: Made a page with a few pictures of our little girl Ruby. She was born on July 24. Of course, I think she's cute as a bug.

    Feb 10, 2004: I discovered BabelFish, a translation service for web pages, and put a link to it at the bottom right of this page. For FUN, I translated this page into Chinese and back again. Here is the amusing result!

    Pedal Steel by Pete Gray Jan 23, 2004: I have built and deployed my Pedal Steel Guitar Page, with an introduction to the music I play on pedal steel and some sound clips to download. Thanks again to Cartoonist Rob Clarke, who drew the city images that I use on these sites!

    Jan 17, 2004: I just launched undecided voters? It isn't much of anything now, but I hope to grow it into a resource for the great undecided real soon. Undecided voters will play an important role in any election, but particularily the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election. It's hard being undecided when everyone seems to be preaching to the choir.

    Grapegirl - lots of food wine and fun Jan 23, 2004: My wife Cindy has a web page at, where she shares her views, insights, and writings on the subjects of food, wine and health.

    Jan 11, 2004: I have started a website called as a front-end for all these web pages. simple, effective web sites If you are interested in getting a simple, stylish, effective web site built, check out! (Note that this, my home page, is nothing like a site - they are simple. As you many notice, my site is a sprawling mass of ageing content.)

    Jan 5, 2004: After 7 years of neglect, I have updated my home page. (See "Where's my old web site?" sidebar at right.) This comes on the heels of creating a website for my Hawaiian Steel Guitar Music Hawaiian Steel Guitar Music, including my show for seniors, and the realization that I am using the web as a clearinghouse for my various 'careers', with no central point between them...

    Where's my old web site?

    On July 14, 2002, Evik James wrote: "Pete, it's about time you updated your page. I have a device that finds the oldest content on the web. Yours wins, hands down. Still, you've got a nice site."

    My old home page, from 1997, was moved here in 2004.

    Evik continued the next day, saying: "I was just kidding about having a device that actually finds the oldest sites. Yours would probably win though, if such a device would work. Remarkably, your site actually has some cools stuff, especially by today's standards. I'll call the Smithsonian Institute on your behalf."

    Thanks, Evik!

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