Asteroids Clone


You require a 3rd generation or higher web browser with java enabled in order to enjoy this fast-paced exciting asteroids game clone.

Thanks for trying anyway!

To play this asteroids clone, you must click your mouse on the display window above, and then control your ship with the keys on your keyboard. There are two combinations of keys that work. The one shown below on the left is simple, and good for beginners. The one on the right is better for fast action, so I highly recommend using it.

The configuration on the right also allows you to select different combinations of keys to suit your preferences (don't be intimidated by the large number of keys shown: you only use 4 plus the hyperspace). The configuration on the right also gives you double fire buttons, so that you can use two fingers to fire with, thereby cutting down on repetitive stress injuries.

This classic asteroids clone is quite challenging, you will need to make good use of your HyperSpace control. I wanted to make a fast, difficult asteroids style game for browsers, as many of the asteroids knock-offs on the web seem dumbed down so that any goon could play them for half an hour. This one's hard. This one's action will make ya sweat!

I plan to add sound and some of those exciting space mines from deluxe asteroids , as well as some nice attract mode stuff explaining what all the things are and how may points they are worth. I also plan to make the enemy ships a little smarter, although I do find the little ones become obnoxiously deadly by the 7th round or so.

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Updated Mar 04, 2000