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Dan Kershaw, Vocalist, Guitarist, and Leader of the Brothers Countrypolitan describes the band like this:

" you don't know: me & my countrypolitan brothers serve up not-your-garden-variety traditional country music. we do it acoustic, around a single wide pattern mic. it's like streaming audio from nashville circa 1967: porter wagonner, waylon, bobby bare, merle, hank lochlin, and lots where that came from. done with love."

Dan is the singer, songwriter, and creative force behind his original band, The Brothers Cosmoline. Not to be confused with the Brothers Countrypolitan, although they sometimes are, The Cosmolines have an album, and go out of town for big shows and stuff.

In the summer of 2002, Dan stumbled upon the opportunity to sub in for Micheal Brennan in The Frizzells. On Tele at the time was Brad Keogan, and on bass Rob Clarke. Long ago, Brad and Rob played in a band called the Rank Strangers. The drummer was one Mark Duff, who happens to be a friend of Dan's.

Dan had an opportunity to play single-mike style at Toronto's Cameron House, and the band he wanted for the job was Brad, Rob, and Mark.

And me, I'm Pete Gray on Pedal Steel. Fortuneately for me, Dan is nuts about Pedal Steel, and really wanted one in the Countrypolitans. I'd sat in with the Frizzells a few times. My Pedal Steel teacher and guru, Burke Carroll, (pedal steel player in Dan's other band, the Cosmolines), put in a good word for me.

And now you can find us, almost every Sunday, at six o'clock, at the Cameron House. Please check our Shows Page for upcoming exceptions to this rule, and for other gigs as well.

See Mark in the mirror?

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