Critical Mass Rides

Critical mass rides happen on the last friday of every month in cities around the world. Hundreds, even thousands of cyclists gather in downtown areas and ride thier bicycles through the city streets. Critical mass is a celebration of cycling, a statement about bicycle riders' rights to freedom of movement, and a great opportunity to meet other cyclists in an affirmative action setting.

HIDEOUSWHITENOISE magazine is a proud supporter of the Toronto Critical Mass Ride, and an advocate of mass rides around the world. Editor Guido Bruidoclark has participated in critical mass rides around the world, writing about many of them in his magazine, HIDEOUSEWHITENOISE.

The exact origin of critical mass rides is uncertain. If you feel you know something interesting about the early origins of critical mass rides, please e-mail it to Guido Bruidoclark. It is known that there were mass rides in England many years ago, and that mass rides in San Francisco often attract thousands of riders. The number of cities that do have critical mass rides is too large to be known.

If there is a critical mass ride in your town, please feel free to attend. Everyone is invited, and any form of human-powered transportation is acceptable. If there is not a critical mass ride in your town, you can feel free to become one of the many people who work hard to see that mass rides do happen. Invite lots of people, put flyers on bikes, For more information, please visit the HIDEOUSEWHITENOISE website.

Photo Gallery of the May 2003 Critical Mass Ride in Toronto

HIDEOUSEWHITENOISE is a proud supporter of the "Bikes Smell Nice" campaign, as well as the "A Bullet for Every Driver" campaign.